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Saturday, August 31, 2013

On the Set: An Interview with Jodelle

You have been acting professionally since you were a little wee kid. How old were you when you started?
I’ve basically been acting as long as I can remember, I started when I was two years old.

What was your first acting gig?
I started out doing commercials. I’m not sure exactly which one I did first, but I booked it through my agency.

How did you approach acting when you were 4 years old? Was there any method to your process?
I don’t really remember to be honest. It’s always been sort of second nature for me, I’ve just always done it. I’ve never been much of a method actor, I prefer to just go for it without over thinking anything.

Did you have a coach or ever take classes for acting?
No, I’ve never had professional training.

R.Douglas Hutchison and Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Stu Robinson


You were a guest on Late Night with Conan O'brien and The Ellen Degeneres Show for your movie Silent Hill. How do you prepare for big interviews like that?
Big talk shows always have an off-air pre-interview before the real thing, just to make sure all the right topics are discussed and the wrong ones avoided. It’s definitely a bit nerve-racking being on such widely known shows, but I felt incredibly lucky.

Talk about your favorite moments from your career so far?
That’s a hard one...I’ve had a few really great moments. Meeting Johnny Depp was a highlight for sure. He’s always been one of my favorite actors. Another memory that comes to mind would be the first time I went to one of the Twilight premieres; it was incredible to see the amount of fans that showed up to support the film and the actors.

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse you play the young vampire, Bree Tanner. Was that a different experience for you being in a movie with a such a huge fan base?
Absolutely, it was a completely new experience for me. I rarely work on a movie that already has such a huge fan base before I even start my first day. It’s interesting how even though I’m long finished filming the movie, it’s still a huge part of my life. The Twilight fans are just amazing, and so dedicated. I loved being able to meet them all personally at conventions, events and premieres.

Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Stu Robinson

A week or so before doing Monster you had just wrapped on the horror movie Cabin in the Woods which is in theaters now. Talk about that role, what did you play in the film?
I was the zombie daughter in a zombie family trying to kill some human people. That’s pretty much all there is to it!

You played, "Aggie", in ParaNorman, a stop motion animated film and you also did the voice of the little sisters in the video game Bio Shock 2. What was it like to work on those projects?
It was so much fun, I hadn’t had much voice work experience before and I always enjoy a challenge. There’s a bit of a difference between the process for Bio Shock 2 and ParaNorman, because one is a video game and one is a feature film. For example, for Bio Shock, I was given long lists of different variations of lines, and I wasn’t always sure of the specific context they’d be used in, but with ParaNorman there was a definite plot with each frame planned out beforehand. Voice work can be tricky because all those little noises that you don’t normally realize you’re even making are vital parts of every scene. It can be really awkward to be standing in a studio in front of a microphone and making all these random breathing, grunting, sighing noises etc. It’s especially difficult if you happen to be doing a scene where you’re supposed to be running or something, because the dialogue has to sound like you’re moving, but you have to be still so they can capture the sound properly.

R.Douglas Hutchison and Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Ed Araquel

It seems that you are cast in horror films quite a bit but recently you were in a lighter comedic film for kids, Home Alone 5: Alone in the dark. What kind of role do you play in Home Alone?
I play a very typical bratty teen, which was a really fun change for me. I don’t get cast for a lot of comedies, so I remember auditioning for it and being like, “There’s no way I’m getting hired for this...” but I guess I was wrong!

Is that something you would like to do more of, lighter comedy?
Yeah, I love it. That doesn’t mean I’d like to only do comedies, I still enjoy thrillers/dramas, but it’s awesome to do something that involves a little more playfulness once in a while.

Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Stu Robinson


Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Stu Robinson

You gave such a wonderful and nuanced performance in Monster. Without giving away any spoilers, At the end you had to pretend that there was a monster in front of you and you had to react and act to the monster even though it was not actually there in real life since it was CGI. You made it look easy but was that tricky for you?
Honestly, I’ve had to do it so many times before that I really didn’t think much about it. It’s very interesting when I end up seeing the finished project and I think, “Oh, so that’s what I was supposed to be reacting to.” It’s really just a part of being an actress; half the time you’re reacting to something that isn’t even there.

You traveled to Cambodia with World Vision. Can you tell us a little a bit about that and how you got involved?
World Vision approached me asking if I wanted to get involved, and I said I absolutely did. It was a huge eye opener for me. It was literally like stepping in to a World Vision commercial ad. I mean, everyone knows there are people living in horrible conditions in places like Cambodia, but it is so much more real when you see it in person and it makes you want to do everything you can to help them.

Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Stu Robinson


Are you graduating high school next year?
I’m homeschooled, so I basically just do my schoolwork whenever I can and as quickly as I can. I’m on my last two courses, Social Studies and English, so I should be finished very soon!

What is happening next for you?

Other than constant auditioning, I’ve got a few things coming up. There are a few movies I’m attached to that haven’t started filming yet, but I’ll be working on those soon. Also, I recently filmed a movie with Kris Kristofferson called “Midnight Stallion” which will be available on DVD March 5th.

Are you a big fan of twitter? What is your twitter address?
I’m a huge Twitter fan! My Twitter is @jodellemicah

If you could be a monster what monster would you be?
Hmm...I’m not sure if it qualifies as a “monster” exactly, but...I’d be a dragon for sure! I’ve always been a huge fan of dragons.

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Jodelle Ferland, Photo by Ed Araquel

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monster's now online!

Watch Monster from Deerbear on Vimeo.

Monster Premiere's online for Canada's NSI online short film festival today. Check out the link below to see the more info about the NSI online short film festival

Friday, May 17, 2013

Radio Monster Ep 06 Indy Filmmaker: Alain G. Cloarec

(Left to right) Deborah Burns, Rich Johnson, Alain Cloarec ( director of feature "Golden Ram" and short film "First Session") and Michael Garrigues ( director of the feature film doc, "J, Robot")

"One thing you can not do is bore your audience. That must not happen." - Alain G. Cloarec - indy filmmaker from New York. I met Alain at the Carmel Art & Film Festival where his short, "First Session" played in the "Best of Shorts". Alain is a Director/witer/actor. We talk about his experience at NYU film school and his experience being taught by the Lee Strasberg himself! We talk about his 16mm feature film, "The Golden Ram" that took him almost 6 years to make and his hilarious short film 'First Session". Coming to the internet very soon!

More info about Alain Cloarec's" First Session" -