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Friday, August 21, 2009

dont let this happen to you kids

In a time before I ever heard of Hotshots, I wrote "monster". My husband, Richard, strongly advised that I polish the script before it was read by anyone. But at that stage, who was going to read it? I kept asking him, who are these "people" that are going to read my script? The truth is I have lots of scripts and no one is reading those. People just don't come to my house and read my scripts. I told him, when we shoot this, I will add all the details everyone will need.

Then in a moment of spontaneity (one week later) I submitted "monster" to Hotshots Short Film Competition. Then even more unexpectedly we moved from Yaletown to Main Street. My mind was 100% on moving and Telus (those bastards) for not hooking us up for one entire a month.

So one day while using a computer at the Kingsgate Mall Library (thanks again telus) I discovered an email from HotShots. At first glance I thought it was spam, but then
it clicked that I had been short-listed.

Now cut to me two weeks later in the ANZA club (I'm in the green skirt in the middle) attending my first cold reading session. This involves having several actors read "monster' aloud to an audience of at least 45 people. All I could think was, oh my god, these are the "people". I sat there listening to my script, and it was horrible. It turns out the good parts never made onto the paper, they still lived in my head. I did the only thing I could, I avoided eye contact with Richard and I downed 4 or 5 Smirnoff Ice.

Needless to say re-writes began the very next day.