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Sunday, October 18, 2009

locations, locations

Did a bit of location scouting in the Endowment Lands around UBC today.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Andy Poon the amazing conjuror!

left to right ( Deborah, Andy, Rodrigo)

The other night we had our first big step for Monster! He was born. ( into our 2d world) . Deb ( Director, writer) and Rodrigo ( prod designer) talked with Andy Poon ( Lead Designer, Conjuror) on what the vision was for the Monster. Andy listened intently to them both, looked over the reference material and rough drawings sketched by Rodrigo. After about a half hour of that. Andy just started to draw.

Andy drew, and drew.

He kept on drawing as we watched him in awe. he asked us details of the shoot, offered us contacts to more people that can help us with the film. he was very generous. he drew, we watched him and he asked us questions. It was kind of like getting our tea leaves read.

Rodrigo watches Andy draw.

After a bit of scribbling, Andy, like magic, conjured him up right there in front of us with pencil and paper. A sense of relief and excitement came over us. Monster was born.

In a couple of days Andy sent us his final versions of the monster with well thought out changes and additional details.Andy finalized the 2d sketch in a matter of two days.

Andy has offered to supervise the Monster as it is going through the cg pipeline. His talent, experience and care for this project is a great asset for the film and we are very thankful to have him on board.

I wish I could show the monster off but we can't show him until you see the film. :( sorry...