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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scouting at Grants Narrows

I'm in search of the perfect wild meadow, so its off to Grants Narrows at Pitt Lake. Here are two beautiful shots I found on the internet. Its looks fantastic, but why is there so much water.  We'll see soon enough.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

monster steps!!!

I will be doing my last budget alone. Thank god!!

Its an exciting development for the project, as we now have Timo Puolitaipale as producer on Monster. We had a great meeting the other day and I really feel like I have capable hands to help me make this film great.

He comes in at a really great time. I got a call from Canada Arts Council with positive feed back. They also asked me to upgrade from the emerging artist to mid career artist category....which means submitting a new budget. Just when I thought I was done with that thing, its back! But its all good. I can now add up to 40k more to my budget (which is crazy). Luckily I am not on my own with the budget revisions and it will now look professional. At any rate it will look much bigger.

On the design front, Andy Poon is almost finished with the monster designs. Ya!! However, the monster's appearance will remain top secret until the curtains draws on opening night. All I can say is he is scary as HELL! I don't know how Andy sleeps at night after rendering such an atrocity.

Next step is to start serious location scouting. We need an idyllic valley framed by mountains and forest, and we need some fairytale style forest trails. Turns out the UBC Endowment Lands are full of restrictions and rules and a hefty insurance fee. (Yet, it was so pretty). Anyhow if anyone has ideas, I am all ears!