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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hannah and the Monster sneak peek!

The amazing Artist/Sorcerer, Colin Lorimer, just handed me gold today. Beautiful storyboards for the sequence when Hannah Meets the Monster in the forest.

As a result of this amazing sorcery, he has also given us two great images we can show you without giving too much of the story away!

Monster sketch by Colin Lorimer

Hannah sketch by Colin Lorimer

Check out Colin's work here..

and his blog here...



  1. sweet - the monster sketch is something else: something you don't want to meet suddenly when talking a walk in the woods, even if being just half of your own actual size. But on the other hand, its stance, the ways the shoulders are bowed...

    And the second image seems to be directly out of a comic - taking much care about light and the whole set. And the expression in her face !

  2. Looks ike a cool project, man.

  3. Thanks, I need to keep remembering that. Right now we are getting into pre-production and I'm realizing that even for a 3 days shoot there is so much to do.

  4. (^ beyond so much. pre and post coordination can be a tricky dealeo.