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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great Friends Helping Out

The background performers are normally the unsung onscreen heros, but in this case many of them are also my friends and family. You can actually see the same folks peppered though-out my earlier films.

Good friends Stu Robinson and Odessa Bennett flew on a red-eye from Calgary to help us out. This married couple has made the most of cold Calgary days by creating this body of work: http://www.flickr.com/photos/insomniaart/sets/. Stu takes the photos and Odessa styles them. So, when I realized that I needed Odessa's help with costumes, and no one else would do, they flew out (no questions asked) to do costume supervision and to take photos of background and behind the scenes. Below are some of Stu's photos.

Odessa trying to make Lottery Man's hair behave. This is Daniela Agosta. As well as doing background she designed the amazing costume for Hannah, played by Jodelle.
This is local actor BK Singh Rakhra he plays the first villager to draw lots. BK is a great guy to work with and judging by his resume I am not the only one to notice.

This is my good friend Shannon Blakeman. I know that waking up at 5am to stand in a cold windy marsh on a Sunday morning was not her idea of a good time, so we told her John Cusack was going to be there. ;) Seriously, Shannon has been a really amazing support for me with all my films, whether it be doing art, storyboards, background or lending me her apartment...she is always involved and giving her best.

This is my bff Rodrigo Segovia, in real life he designs movie sets and he is my design partner for "Monster". He is the brainchild behind the look of the monster, which was later made a reality on paper by Andy Poon. He also has an uncanny ability to play wind instruments. He often tells people that he is the 'whistling champion of Mexico' ....and I am sure if there was such a title he would hold it. The shofar is crazy hard to play — in fact many on set tried and all failed, making him the natural choice to play The Horn Blower.

This is Diego and Triana Segovia, Rodrigo's nephew and niece. Triana did some acting when she was really young and was in a film I did 7 years ago. Now she is all about horses. Diego is a big fan of Monster and asked if he could add two dead weasels to his costume. See them hanging over his shoulder.

Indra Isita, also one of Rodrigo's nieces, is natural talent on camera.

The is my sister Lisa Marie Whitaker with son Oskar. Lisa has done background in other films for me, but in reality is a holistic nutritionist.

Here is Oskar being cute. When I called action, Oskar would sing...when I called cut, Oskar would stop. Later I learned that he was 'la, la la-ing" Beethoven. I guess having a musician father has its benefits.

In the background is Shannon and Indra. In front, just off camera is Joe Beauchene, then Marian Buechert, Ella Puolitalpale, Daniela Agosta and Dave Abustan. This scene took all day for us to shoot, except for the little ones who were only in the master shots. They did an amazing job.

This my friend Melanie Greenaway and her son Leif. Melanie designs exhibits for a living — this might actually be her first acting gig. http://www.doubledaredesign.ca/
She got wrangled into doing background when she donated cash to monster at http://www.indiegogo.com/Monster-a-short-film and received a day on set. So double thanks to Mel for all her support.


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