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Monday, June 14, 2010

Shooting the Monster

Ed Araquel came out to take still photos www.edaraquel.com. Here is a sample of my favorites!!

From the left Indra Isita, Jodelle Ferland, Doug Hutchison and Dave Abustan. This is taken at Grants Narrows in a wet marsh, where we set up the dolly and got some beautiful footage thanks to the camera crew: d.o.p. Jon Joffin, camera operator Brian Johnson, 1ac Jos Oman, 2nd ac Lunk Barlow, 3rd ac Cristian Cretu,  Gaffer Vince Laxton, Key Grip Reid Cohoon, electrical: Michael Edillor, Ryan Petey, Zach Steele, Dan Holt and the Grips who carried a whole lot of stuff in three days: Dan Holt, James Burke, Derek Lalonde, Jinx Moore and the volunteers from VFS and Capilano. I hope I didn't forget anyone...let me know if I did. The collaboration of everyone's work has resulted in stunning results. Cant wait to show everyone — but first the monster needs to be animated. (more on that soon)

This is the Lottery Man...he decides who will feed the monster. The costume was designed by the talented duo Jayne and Ray at enigma aracna. Inside this scary mask is my amazing husband and partner in 'Monster', Richard Johnson. When he wasn't acting on set, he along with my mother-in-law Ruby did all the catering. It was a 'monsterous' task and they did an amazing job. 

Here is Jodelle Ferland and Turbo at Golden Ears Park — both competing for cuteness in this shot. Jodelle is a true superstar. Not only is her acting superb, but she is simply the coolest girl. I don't think there is much that can shake her — not even a swarm of tiny blood sucking mosquitoes. Cant wait to see her in Twilight.