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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

the never ending location scout

I am feeling pretty good about Minnekhada Park on Pitt River. Its close to Vancouver and its seems to have most of the features I need for creating a village like community. The tough part of scouting this location is finding a wide open area that doesn't have signs of our modern world. My ideal location would be Manning Park, but it is just too far away for a day shoot. Minnekhada Park is good but it doesn't have the steep mountains I envisioned. Perhaps if it is a clear blue skied day we can comp a few mountains in.

here are some shots of Minnekhada Park. There are some nice details.


Funny thing happened on the way to the market....

I found costumes! I recently went to my friends wedding in Playa del Carmen. While there I tried to stop thinking about pre-production or checking my mailbox everyday to see if the Canada Arts Council had recognized my brilliance yet and awarded me money.

I was finally relaxing and enjoying the Mexican heat when I discovered this store (pictured left) that featured hand-made alpaca wool clothes from Chiapas. I was attracted to the bright coloured sweaters hanging in the door and went inside. I didn't take a photo in the store, but inside I found neutral coloured ponchos and taupe capes that looked very much like what I had envisioned for costumes. I spent the next 2 hours rummaging through wool toques, scarves, ponchos and blankets (in the heat) trying to dress my villagers. I finally left empty handed because I realized I needed to sketch a few things out, calculate who would wear what and more importantly, there was no way on earth I could carry 12 wool costumes down the street and hail a cab alone.

I returned a few days later with my friend. An hour later he left dragging one big bag and me another. I felt a huge sense of relief knowing I now had every costume for all the villagers. Or at least the base for the costume, and they were cheap. I could never have found the quality in Vancouver for the price I paid.

The ladies in the store were giggling at me as I slowly loaded up my purchase on the counter. I ended up buying all the toques. I cant explain why I originally decided that the men in my village need to wear extremely tall pointy toques...especially since these would need to be hand-made. And I hadn't signed up a gung-ho costume designer yet, so tall pointy toques were just a fantasy until I found my toques in this basket (pictured left). Or maybe the toques found me?

I now have a costume for everyone in the villager. I was so excited when I got back to my hotel room, until I tried to pack them into my suitcase. I managed to get half in my bag, but I had to buy a second one for the rest. It also didn't occur to me that I would have a weight restriction on the flight home. Wool weighs a ton. I started to sweat it out when I saw some poor lady in the airport with all the contents of her bags spread out all over the floor. She was randomly picking things to toss out, just to get her weight down. The price was $20 for every kilo over your limit. When my bags went on the scale I was totally freaking out. It started to feel like my great bargain was going to turn into a fortune in cargo weight.  But then the airport guy says, "don't worry about it" even though I was over by a few kilos.

Now at home I need to start gathering up and making the missing details of the costumes.