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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Actors and costumes!

Last Sunday both of our Lead Actors Jodelle Ferland and R. Douglas Hutchison got themselves fitted for their costumes. So I had a chance to introduce both actors and take some pics as they were being fitted.


Jodelle Ferland, what can we say? Jodelle has risen the bar for this film. Her inspiring and complex performance in Terry Gilliam's Tideland blew us away and is a must see!!

Jodelle's most recent film is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, soon to come out this summer. Her resume rolls to the floor and it seems to keep growing. She is very, very busy and yet she still has time to do our little short. How cool is that!!?


R Douglas Hutchison getting his hunting garb fitted. Doug has been growing out his beard for us for quite some time now and we are very very lucky to have such a dedicated actor! I have worked with Doug over the last ten years and it has always been a pleasure. I always learn something from Doug.


Doug's ability to give a natural performance,his sensitivity and his patience are gifts that any director would die for. I can't wait to see him in action again!


The clothes Deb brought back are so cool and seeing them laid out on the couch reminded me of the colors and texture this film is going to have. It's very well thought out.



Deb wanted a lot of natural looking wood and fiber for the villagers tools and baskets. I think she did an amazing job finding a vision for the look of the villagers.



And now our talented costume designers will be taking Deb's vision and bringing it to life and into being.

Costume designer, Nikki Brown taking off a sleeve from one of the sweaters that Deb brought back from her trip to Mexico. These will be used for "Hannah's" leg warmers.


Here are our awesome costume designers!!!

Nikki Brown


and Daniela Agosta

Daniela Agosta

Both have been so positive and passionate about what they do. We are blessed to have them on board. These two are hard at work designing and constructing all of the costumes for us. It's a biiiiig job and both were up for the challenge!

I should also mention that one of the "main" costume's is being created by ENIGMA ARCANA Lots more coming! Stay tuned!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Wiki page

Okay this is turning out to be harder than it looks. I began a wiki page for facts and boring stuff....mostly so all of us producing can be on the same page. It looks ok but if I try to search it...it doesn't actually exist. Anyhow if you are the type to like to read about facts and stats this is the page for you.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hannah and the Monster sneak peek!

The amazing Artist/Sorcerer, Colin Lorimer, just handed me gold today. Beautiful storyboards for the sequence when Hannah Meets the Monster in the forest.

As a result of this amazing sorcery, he has also given us two great images we can show you without giving too much of the story away!

Monster sketch by Colin Lorimer

Hannah sketch by Colin Lorimer

Check out Colin's work here..

and his blog here...




If you want to support our film please go to www.indiegogo.com/Monster-a-short-film.


rethinking locations again!

We had one more location to visit before we decided. In Pitt Meadows there is a place called Grant Narrows that has a grassy meadow and lots of mountains. I really loved it here. It was quiet, there was no signs of civilization to ruin my shots and lots of mountains in the foreground and the background. In the photo above we will shoot our villagers. Rodrigo Segovia, our production designer, is designing a few village buildings in CGI, which will be composited into this scene later. The picture below is the location for the bunny trapping scene. I love all the tall grass and mounds of grass....hope we don't lose the bunny in there!!

Check out more Grant Narrows and Golden Ears location photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48988284@N06/