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Saturday, May 29, 2010

thank you monster crew

We wrapped one week ago and I think I am finally feeling normal again. Thanks to all the crew who put in so much time, dedication and creativity to make this short film happen. Our last night was a long one, with the pressure of Golden Ears Park shutting the gate for the night and locking us in the park. That wouldn't be so bad, but there is a monster out there!!! In the end I got all of the shots needed and our amazing crew packed up and got the hell out before being eaten.

I have about a billion things to blog about right now and I am trying to choose what first. So, how about starting at the beginning.

 Ed Brando, brought in his trailer for costumes, hair and make up. In the first picture Jodelle and her mom are leaving the makeshift star trailer.

There was a 15 minute walk between where the trucks could park and where we were shooting. Ed also brought his ATV to set to shuttle people back and forth to set.  And then we had pick up trucks taking the equipment - a little bit at a time. The crew worked soooo hard and they were amazing.

This picture was taken from the trucks. We had to go all the way to that grove of trees. On a narrow dyke road. One pickup truck almost went into the water, but the guys got it back on the road.

There was lots of wild life everywhere. We saw beavers, eagles, cranes and all kinds of birds, including this family of Canadian Geese.

We all had a really good on set, even though it was a lot of work on a grey wet day.

In the foreground is Doug Hutchison getting his makeup by Steph Miramontes, our key makeup. To the left is Marilyn Thomas and in the left background is Paul Armstrong (both Hotshot producers). To the right with red hair is Odessa Bennett, Wardrobe Supervisor and me (the director) and Stu Robinson, set photographer. All of these photos are courtesy of Ruby Johnson.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We have a third star that has yet to be introduced, Turbo! This adorable lady bunny will star as Hannah's faithful buddy. With no acting credits to her name, I think the pictures below prove that she is a natural talent in front of the camera.

Cute. Pretty dam cute. I hope the monster doesn't eat her .  : \


Monday, May 10, 2010

shofar, so good!!

My friend Cara took me to Temple Sholom to buy a Shofar, which is a Jewish Horn made of an animal horn. In the movie, the horn will be blown when the lottery is won. I wanted it to be really powerful looking, but those Shofars are expensive. I could only afford a tiny little shofar that looked more like a tabacoo pipe than a horn.

While I pondered how deep in dept I want to go with a 3 second scene, Cara simply asked the shop lady if we could rent it. The next thing I knew I was getting it on loan (re:free) with the promise I donate to the Temple when I return it. So I borrowed a big one!!

It's really hard to play; its like blowing a trumpet.  Listen to the sound here: http://www.piney.com/sonsshophar.au.snd


Phrygian Cap

Who knew that there was symbolism attached to the pointy cap? I just read an article on the Phrygian Cap. Apparently, the cap signifies freedom and the pursuit of liberty, and is an important symbol in world history.  Phrygian Cap from the Roman Empire above. Below, our handsome villager wears a similar cap - or in Canada "the toque". Also, notice the similar down cast look to one side; he's thinking freedom.


Friday, May 07, 2010

Wind and Rain and more Wind

the hike in
It true, everyone was wind blown and rained on. However, I'm confident that it will be sunny, warm and calm on the shooting days. If not, we will post some wicked pictures of the grips holding stuff.
Starting on the left is Timo Puolitaipale our Producer. Check out his projects at: http://www.citizen11.com. Next is Jon Joffin our DOP, who just earned a Leo nomination for his cinematography on "Alice". That's me on the end (Deborah Burns, Director), pictured moments before sliding down a muddy hill on the back of a slug.

Jon Joffin
In this picture Jon is wondering if we could bring in a boat for the camera.

Jon has a hefty list of cinematography credits http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0423632, complete with nominations for a Primetime Emmy and an American Society of Cinematographers. We are dam lucky to have him.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Last Years Hot Shots Film makes it to the Leo Awards.

Congrats to Jodelle Ferland on her Leo nomination for "Everything's Coming Up Rosie",  the 2009 Hotshot Winner.


Sunday, May 02, 2010


This was a sketch of the lottery man costume by Jayne from Enigma Arcana


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Enigma Arcana

Our 'monster' designer Andy Poon hooked us up with Ray and Jayne at Enigma Arcana. These two amazing artists have over 20 years experience doing costumes, break down and props. We are super lucky to have them design and construct our big costume: the lottery man. Here is a sneak peak...

Lottery man costume <span class=wip" height="500" width="375">

Lottery man costume <span class=wip" height="500" width="375">

Lottery man costume details

Wait till you see the mask and the finished touches in this incredible costume!!! This is just the beginning stage of it. While at our last fitting Ray and Jayne gave amazing tips and advice to our costume designers Daniella and Nicky. They have so much experience and are being so generous with their time and knowledge.

They are also making all of our props and breaking everything down to look thousands of years old. They call this "break down". We gave Ray a brand new outdoor lamp and two weeks later he gave this back to us...

lamp prop

We gave him a perfectly fine chair and he broke it down to make it look a thousand years old and a part of the forest. He made it look like its going to crumble into pieces. You wouldn't know to look at it but I could sit on it and not worry about it falling apart since Ray added metal rods inside the legs... how freakin cool is that!

chair prop

photos are from our new iphones. Camera on iphones..suck. better pics next time.