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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cast and Crew screening

Cast and Crew Screening at the pacific cinematheque...
Who are these people? Where is Jodelle Ferland!? ( winning an award in Moscow because she is awesome)
Some of monster cast/crew getting ready to party. later that night little Oskar drank too many rootbeers, demanded Thriller be played loud and moonwalked right into a wooden beam. Party animal.
Monster cast Indra Isita and her friend Joceline rocking out at the Monster after party at Rodney's Oyster Bar.

Hot Shots executive producer's Ed Brando, Marylin Thomas and Paul Armstrong.When you shake their hands your hand just bursts into flames. Without them there would be no Monster.

Monster cast Oskar - known for singing Beethoven's 5th Symphony on set.
Monster cast Triana Segovia and friend about to enter screening. Looking...up to no good.
Monster's DOP Jon Joffin with his lovely wife Caroline Cranstoun kept playing peek a boo with everyone. (new dad)....oh and did we mention that jon just got nominated for a genie for day dream nation...read all about it in the province here. Congrats Jon!!

Monster cast R. Douglas Hutchison (walter) and his Agent Tea Buechner before going into the screening.
R. Douglas Hutchison agent gives him some advice on what to do when in front of an audience during the Q&A.

...and then it happened... R. Douglas Hutchison took his pants off. Lisa Marie Bhattacharya quickly hid her son's eyes from the event. No one was harmed.

Thanks to Robin Chan @ Like Minded Media and Hot Shots for a great screening for cast and crew. It was so cool to finally see the film on the big screen with an audience. We had the privilege of screening with two other fantastic super duper cool short films. Money Pet (hot shots winner) and Johanna makes a friend ( MPPIA winner). All photos were kindly provided by Like Minded Media. To see more photos from the screening you can see them at like minded media's facebook page.